Warwick Bowling Club


Situated at the heart of its community, Warwick Bowling Club has been a beacon for local sports and social interaction. Known for fostering camaraderie and sporting prowess, the club recognised the necessity to adapt and attract a younger demographic to enhance membership and increase participation in social activities.


Warwick Bowling Club’s traditional appeal was losing traction among younger potential members, primarily due to its outdated branding and minimal digital presence. With a dated website and limited engagement on social platforms, the club struggled to connect with a digitally-savvy audience, critical for its growth and sustainability.


To address these challenges, Scott Aussie provided expert branding advice and digital strategy guidance:

Branding Consultation: We offered insights on modernising the club’s brand identity to resonate with younger audiences, ensuring the new branding reflected contemporary aesthetics while honouring the club’s heritage.

Digital Strategy Guidance: Recognising the importance of a strong online presence, we advised on enhancing their website and social media activities. This included recommendations for website updates and strategies to engage effectively on platforms where younger members are most active.

Audience Engagement Tactics: We emphasised the significance of knowing the audience and proactively reaching out rather than waiting for them to discover the club. Our guidance included how to create engaging content that appeals to younger demographics, such as promoting themed event nights and beginner-friendly competitions.

Community Outreach Strategies: We provided strategies to highlight the social and recreational benefits of the club, aiming directly at attracting younger individuals and families from the community.


The strategic advice from Scott Aussie has begun to influence the Warwick Bowling Club’s approach to membership engagement and branding:

Updated branding direction that appeals to a broader, younger demographic.

Plans for enhanced digital engagement leading to increased interactions on potential social media initiatives and website updates.

A growing interest from younger community members, reflected in inquiries and participation in club events.


With Scott Aussie’s guidance, Warwick Bowling Club is revitaliaing its community presence by aligning its brand and outreach strategies with the expectations of a younger audience. The club is now better positioned to thrive in a modern social landscape, fostering growth through proactive engagement and strategic planning.