Rockingham Foreshore


The Rockingham Foreshore, located in Western Australia, recently underwent a significant revitalisation, transforming it into a modern and vibrant destination.

Seeking to establish a cohesive identity and effectively promote the area’s diverse offerings, the Rockingham Foreshore community partnered with Scott Aussie Tourism Marketing.


The challenge was multifaceted:

  • Develop a unique brand that captured the essence of the Rockingham Foreshore and resonated with both locals and tourists.
  • Create a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase awareness and visitation.
  • Foster collaboration and unity among the diverse businesses operating within the Foreshore area.


Scott Aussie took a collaborative and multifaceted approach to address these challenges:

Brand Development: We worked closely with local businesses to create a distinctive Rockingham Foreshore brand, complete with a logo and brand guidelines that reflected the area’s character and appeal.

Community Engagement: We fostered a sense of community by providing participating businesses with window stickers to showcase their support and involvement.

Promotional Materials: We designed and produced a range of branded merchandise, including apparel and accessories, to promote the Rockingham Foreshore brand and provide a tangible connection for visitors.

Visitor Guide: We created a comprehensive printed Visitor Guide, distributed across Perth Metro, to provide tourists with valuable information and promote local businesses.

Digital Marketing: We established a strong online presence for Rockingham Foreshore, including a destination marketing website with a business directory, blog content, and an online shop. We also implemented a successful social media strategy, achieving a remarkable reach of over 900K views per month.

Email Marketing: We developed an engaging email newsletter with birthday rewards to encourage sign-ups and maintain communication with potential visitors.

Results and Future Plans:

While the launch of the Rockingham Foreshore brand faced unexpected challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the groundwork for success has been firmly established. The comprehensive branding, marketing materials, and digital strategy are ready to be deployed when the time is right, ensuring the Rockingham Foreshore can effectively reach its target audience and thrive as a premier destination.

Scott Aussie Tourism Marketing remains dedicated to supporting the Rockingham Foreshore community and is excited to contribute to the successful relaunch of this vibrant coastal area. We are confident that our collaborative efforts will help the Rockingham Foreshore reach its full potential and become a thriving destination for locals and tourists alike.