Clubs WA


Clubs WA is a pivotal non-profit association dedicated to fostering a vibrant club culture across Western Australia. With a focus on supporting community clubs through advocacy, education, and sustainable practices, Clubs WA plays a crucial role in promoting social and community values. As a hub for club management committee members and government stakeholders, they ensure that clubs operate effectively within the legal and social framework of the region.


Operating as a non-profit, Clubs WA faces the dual challenges of limited resources and a high demand for community development. The organisation required innovative solutions to amplify their impact, improve operational efficiencies, and engage more deeply with a diverse audience, from local clubs to government ministers.


Scott Aussie stepped in to provide comprehensive marketing and operational support tailored to the unique needs of Clubs WA:

Publication Enhancement: We overhauled the design and production of a 40+ page full-colour magazine, distributed bi-monthly to key stakeholders, enriching its content and aesthetic appeal.

Digital Engagement: Our team revitalized Clubs WA’s digital footprint, including a weekly EDM newsletter with an exceptional 40% open rate, and dynamic social media presence across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Lead Generation and Conversion Funnel: We established a structured lead-gen and sales conversion funnel, aligning with the principles of modern marketing to nurture leads effectively.

Event Management: Oversight of an annual calendar featuring major metropolitan and regional events, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Operational Tools: Implementation of a CRM system and a service ticket process streamlined member interactions, improving response times and service quality.

General Support: Ongoing graphic design and copywriting services ensure consistent, professional communications.

Our strategic interventions have dramatically transformed Clubs WA’s operational and engagement metrics:

  • Enhanced professionalism and increased readership of all publications.
  • Significant growth in sponsorship dollars and sponsor retention.
  • Noticeable increase in membership numbers.
  • Greater operational efficiency, reducing costs and enabling more funds to be redirected back into community initiatives.

With Scott Aussie’s partnership, Clubs WA has not only enhanced its service offerings but also fortified its role as a leader in community development in Western Australia. Our continued collaboration is set to drive further success, reinforcing the power of effective marketing and operational efficiency in the non-profit sector.