Google Search Adverts

Our Approach

1. Keyword and Market Research

We start with a comprehensive understanding of your market and the keywords your potential guests use. This thorough keyword research allows us to effectively target those terms that travellers use when they search for services similar to yours.

2. Advert Creation and Optimisation

Once we have a solid understanding of your market and the keywords they use, we craft engaging, keyword-optimised Google Search Adverts. Each ad is designed to place your tourism or hospitality business in the spotlight when potential travellers are actively researching their next adventure.

3. Campaign Management

Our work doesn’t end once your campaign is live. We continually monitor the performance, adjusting the ad copy and bidding strategies in real-time to ensure your adverts are achieving the desired results.

4. Performance Reporting

We believe in complete transparency. Regular, detailed reports keep you informed about your campaign’s performance, from click-through rates to conversion rates, every step of the way.