6 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

A good digital strategy can be the difference between a campaign that works, and one that doesn’t.

I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach in writing this article because “strategy” is an often misunderstood concept. I thought it might be easier to explain how things look without a digital marketing strategy, rather than explaining how things will be better with one.

So, if you recognise any of the following, it might be time to sit down and start thinking strategically. 

You’re Directionless

Without a strategy, it’s very easy to become sidetracked and distracted. Your marketing is a long term activity. Your strategic plan is what you refer back to in order to stay on course. Without one, you vear a little further off course every day.

Think of it like those people who get lost in the desert without a compass (or GPS). They think they’re walking in a straight line, but the slowly vear off to the side. The longer they walk the further off course they are and before they know it. Right back where they started.

You Don’t Know Your Online Audience

If your marketing efforts are directionless, you’re not going to be learning much about your customers. So it becomes very difficult to create marketing material, because you don’t understand what your prospects, leads and customers want.

The more you know about your customers the better your marketing will be. If you were to ask your customers to complete a 100 question survey, very few would do it. But if you were to spread those 100 questions out over 12 months, asking only 1 or 2 at a time, you’d get the information you needed.

Your Competitors Are Taking Your Market Share

This one is pretty simple. If you feel like your competitors are growing faster than you are or if you look at their marketing and wonder why it’s so much better than your efforts. It’s pretty safe to say they’ve sat down and worked out their Digital Marketing Strategy.

You’re Wasting Time And Money

You spend money on different types of marketing, trying new things, and not getting anywhere. Without a strategic direction, how can you tell if the money your spending is getting the results you want?

You’re Being Left Behind

The tourism industry is hard enough as it is. Costs can be quite high, margins quite thin. If you feel like you’re running a million miles an hour trying to keep up with the day to day operations of your business, but are still being left behind, you need to start working smarter rather than harder. A digital marketing strategy won’t help solve your staff roster issues, but it will ensure your marketing efforts, and the budget doesn’t go to waste.

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